Georgia Judge Issues New Injunction Against Vaccine Mandate for Federal Contractors

On Tuesday, December 7th a federal judge in Georgia issued a preliminary nationwide injunction against a vaccine mandate for federal contractors. The mandate, originally slated to go into effect on December 8th, later pushed to January 4th, requires contractors working on federal contracts to ensure their workers are vaccinated against COVID-19 and following masking and social distancing policies. This would apply to any subcontractor’s employees working on, or in connection with, a covered contract as well.

The judge temporarily blocked implementation of the mandate after lawsuits from numerous states and trade groups- specifically the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., whose members do business nationwide. In their statement, the organization voiced concerns that the mandate added additional hurdles to an industry already facing a workforce shortage, rising material prices, and supply chain issues.

With Tuesday’s ruling, all three far-reaching vaccine mandates affecting the private sector have been put on hold by courts. However, it does not preclude individual states from enacting mandates, so employers should continue to monitor the rulings and consult with an attorney or HR professional when deciding how to move forward in developing their policies.

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