Wagner Business Solutions

Wagner Business Solutions, a subsidiary of Wagner, Falconer & Judd, Ltd., provides a professional proactive approach to commercial collections and lien and bond enforcement. With our 90 years of experience, background and knowledge working in a variety of industries, Wagner Business Solutions allows you to make informed decisions and focus on what is most important – your business. Depending on your specific needs, we have the right professionals to assist you, along with a full range of customizable services to optimize your success.


WFJ was founded in 1932, and the client centric servicemodel that built the firm is still the foundation we operate on today. We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients to assist them in achieving their specific goals. Our success is measured in the fact that many of our client relationships span decades and often have survived multiple mergers and acquisitions. We are focused on maintaining strong relationships throughout our clients’ organizations and take pride in being viewed as a value-add resource for finance, collections, and legal teams.

Scope of Work

We work with our clients on thousands of construction projects each year, from the up-front contract review or title search, lien or bond claim enforcement, contractual dispute resolution, collection of the project AR, and when necessary, commercial litigation enforcement. Much of our work is handled in-house at WFJ, with the assistance of our client’s credit professionals, and without the need for a lawsuit. We work with our clients in routine collection matters, settlement payment plans, state and federal court litigation, mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution processes.

With WFJ as the quarterback in the collections process, not only do we manage your legal or collection expense spend, but more importantly, we serve as the one-stop shopexpert our clients can turn to, no matter where the issue arises. Our expertise in commercial collections management saves our clients time and the hassle of handling of relationships with our local resources all around the US and internationally.

In addition to collection work, WFJ can assist clients on lien, bond, and UCC perfection and enforcement, general contract negotiation concerns, and bankruptcy matters, including preference defense. We help them resolve performance issues and settle disputes. Our legal and practical knowledge of the construction industry and project types benefits clients because many of our clients have the same or similar customer base, so we are often the first to learn of problem accounts or distressed projects.

The Benefits of Partnering with Wagner Business Solutions


We offer a full range of customizable commercial collection services to optimize your success.


Our motivated professionals, backed by a team of attorneys, are focused on collecting your money. Wagner Business Solutions has an industry leading collection percentage, with an 82 year history of proven results. The impact of our efforts will lead to improved cash flow and avoidance of potentially costly disputes.

Client Service

Wagner Business Solutions began with a vision of offering personalized, superior customer service, seeing beyond the need, providing beyond the request, making the future happen today for our clients. Over the years, our professional creditor’s rights team has collected hundreds of millions of dollars in adjustment for our clients and has assisted creditors with the timely resolution of complex legal issues in litigation.

Online Services

Through our proprietary Client Extranet, Wagner Business Solutions clients have 24/7 access to their files and custom reports which keep them up to date on the status of their AR portfolio. This exceptional access allows our clients to focus on business, while we work to collect their open commercial accounts. In addition, our clients have access to the Wagner Business Solutions proprietary Document Center containing educational information, state-by-state surveys and many useful forms.

Legal Management

In the event a debtor will not pay voluntarily in adjustment, we have an in-house team of attorneys positioned to appropriately escalate your account through the legal process, including filing suit, taking the case to judgment and post judgment enforcement. Our attorneys provide experienced pre-suit risk analysis of the potential of a counterclaim. This will help prevent unnecessary, costly litigation battles. While Wagner Business Solutions manages all accounts placed with legal, you always remain in control. No legal proceeding will be filed, no expense will be incurred, and no settlement will be made without your express approval.