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National representation of small businesses that includes day-to-day consultation on HR items, handbook preparation, online library of forms, check lists and FAQs, daily compliance updates and litigation defense for employee claims, including 24/7 access to online attorneys.

  • For Employees

    Any number of things can occur at work that may violate your rights. Minnesota is an “at will” state, but that doesn’t mean you can be fired for “any reason at all.” Employers in Minnesota cannot fire you for any reason related to your age, gender, religion, orientation or national heritage. They can’t fire you for reporting to your employer or a state or federal entity that your company was breaking a law. If you have a signed contract or are a member of a union you may have additional protections. If you feel you have been wrongfully terminated, harassed at work, or treated unfairly, contact our team.

  • For Employers

    Our experienced team provides national representation for business of all sizes. Through WFJ, services include day-to-day consultation on HR issues, handbook preparation, access to an online library of forms, checklists and FAQs, daily compliance updates, and litigation defense for employee claims.

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