What Happens if You are Injured at Work?

Getting injured on the job can be particularly stressful. Worker’s compensation provides medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to employees who are injured or become ill during the course of their job.  Let the experienced attorneys simplify an otherwise complex situation. So you can focus on getting well, and moving forward.

What should you do if you are injured at work?

First- you should report the injury to your employer as soon as your injury occurs. Make sure the supervisor/HR knows as well. It’s helpful to shoot an email to your supervisor, manager, HR department the same day of the injury. The email should document any and all injury/symptoms from the incident. Even if it feels unrelated, such as your neck hurting after slipping and falling on your hip, let them know.

Your health and safety should always be top priority. We encourage all injured persons to be seen by a doctor who can help with treatment and recovery. Remember, the employer and their insurer may be liable for all treatment of a work injury, depending on your individual state’s laws.

You should start documenting work time missed and medical costs incurred, including medical bills, prescription costs, mileage and time off of work. Document any time missed for the injury, appointments, and reduced time if you are put on certain restrictions. Any wage loss incurred should also be documented.


If you have been injured on the job and unsure if you have covered all your bases, our team of Personal Injury attorneys are standing by to help simplify the process for you, so you can focus on healing.