Business Law

WFJ Presents: Indemnity Agreements: What are they? Are they for me?

Indemnity clauses are in lots of contracts. For some, they are wonderful. For others, they are not! Before we get into that though, it is important to understand what they are.

WFJ Presents: Selling Your Small Business, Part One

WFJ’s Small Business Team has counseled clients in the execution of small business asset purchases for a diverse set of industries, including restaurants/food service, manufacturing, publishing, insurance, retail, and many others.

WFJ Presents: Look! Do People See that Your Business is an LLC?

A primary reason that many people who own their own business set up a limited liability company, corporation or other formal business entity instead of operating as a sole proprietorship or a partnership is liability protection – to protect their personal assets from claims against their business.

So You Want to Start a Business?

With the recent economic downturn and the “jobless recovery,” an increasing number of people are opting to hang up a shingle and start their own businesses.  If you are among these entrepreneurial Midwesterners–regardless of whether you are starting a tanning salon or a technological research and development firm–the following is a checklist of things to do: