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Suing the State: Very Early Notice Required to Preserve Claim

Historically, it was the law that no one could sue the King or his men. This ancient principle evolved to a rule where state governments—including counties, cities, and state employees acting in their official capacity—had immunity from lawsuits. Over time, this absolute protection has decayed. However, the doctrine of government immunity still survives in a number of ways. For example, judges cannot be sued for acting in their judicial capacity.

Top 5 Things to Know About a Wisconsin Divorce

“I know I need to get a divorce, but I don’t know where to start.” This is the most frequent comment I hear from people after making the decision to get a divorce. Understanding the issues that are going to be determined and the law governing them is the best place to start. Divorces involve many decisions—children, finances, where to live, etc. An informed decision is always a better decision. The following is my “Top 5” list of things to know before commencing a divorce in Wisconsin; these are the big five issues decided in most divorce cases:

So You Want to Start a Business?

With the recent economic downturn and the “jobless recovery,” an increasing number of people are opting to hang up a shingle and start their own businesses.  If you are among these entrepreneurial Midwesterners–regardless of whether you are starting a tanning salon or a technological research and development firm–the following is a checklist of things to do: